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Dispensing Machines - 9

Machine Volumes - Several grams per Minute to 100 Lbs. per Minute

Mold Capacity - Up to 175 molds at one time

Current Part Sizes - 10 grams to 236,000 grams

Processing Capacity - 16,000 Lbs. per minute 

Approved Materials - Cal 117, MVSS 302, FAA, Coast Guard, and Mil Spec. 

Paint Booths - 3 booths

Mold Maintenance - 24 hr mold maintenance station.

Plant Maintenance - 24 hr full time maintenance staff 


Kneedspeed can process material in a variety of ways allowing for the finished parts to meet the customers needs.
Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) - The material is dispensed directly from the mixing head to a closed and ported mold. The pressure usually is below 100 psi. This allows for the advantages of injection molding without the need for high cost tooling.
Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) - Very low pressure method of introducing material to a closed mold, allowing for a wide range of specialty materials to be used.
Open Pour Compression Molding - This process allows for the material to be poured into an open tool allowing for specialty processing and inserting to take place at very low pressures  
Insert Molding - The low pressures associated with polyurethane molding allow for the inserting of a wide variety of substrates. These can be totally or partial encapsulated. Includes metal, plastic, wood, fiberglass, and many more.
Bond Molding - Applying Polyurethane on to an existing part this is done via chemical or mechanical bonding or a combination of both.
In-Mold Coating - A process where a finished coating is applied during the molding process to create an intregal skin to the product with the properties of the coating material. Examples: UV, color match, chemical resistance, anti-bacterial
Post Coating - Applying finishes to the product after molding to add color, detail, or other properties.
Finishing - Although most products are designed to meet the finished products needs there may be need for additional cutting, shearing, drilling, trimming or other process to be performed after the molding process. Finishes available include polyurethane, lacquer, latex, and more.
Packaging - Custom boxing, full packaging, bulk and individual, labeling.
Pre-production Fabrication - Metal, plastic, wood, fiberglas, and many more.
Post-production - Shearing, machining, grinding, drilling, and trimming.