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Kneedspeed processes a wide range of Polyurethane materials. Polyurethanes are a very large and varied family of incredibly versatile and useful engineering materials. Polyurethanes provide the strength of plastics and the flexibility of rubbers in various tensile and compressive strengths and can be a very hard solid or soft elastomer or soft and cushioning foam depending upon the product or market need. Polyurethanes are materials consisting of at least two components, a polyol - base side and an Isocyanate - reactive side. These two parts can be combined in a wide variety of ways to create an almost endless variety of products. In a foam formulation the reaction kicks off a blowing agent that causes the material to create cells allowing for a small amount of material to fill a mold many times the material volume. Elastomers, non-foaming polyurethane, are solid requiring 100% material volume to mold volume. These materials, however, can be formulated to exhibit a wide variety of temperature, abrasion, and flexibility properties. We can use formulations specified by the customer or we can use our vast experience in polyurethanes to choose or develop the right material for your project. Here is a sample of some of the materials we currently process.