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If you need a 3D representation of your idea or product, a pilot run, or small production runs, we can do it. We can provide properties including hard plastic, soft foams, rigid foams, flexible plastics, and many more.  Real usable parts from an inexpensive low quantity mold.


     Kneedspeed can provide a variety of prototyping needs. 


  • One off 3D representations of products
  • 3D product representations in a variety of material properties; hard plastic, flexible plastic, soft foam, rigid foam, self skinning foam, matrix construction.
  • Short run production for design and market testing. (1-10 units)
  • Short run market testing (10-100 units)
  • Limited run as a stop gap to full production or to test market acceptance.

Kneedspeed can provide prototypes from a variety of sources building from

  • CAD drawings
  • Dimensional drawings.
  • A Dimensional sketch
  • Concept doodles
  • Physical models
  • Or we can work from a general idea and provide all necessary drawings. 


CAD - Develop tools from computer files 

Technical Drawings - Develop tools from technical and dimensional drawings   

Physical Model - Develop tooling from a physical model

Idea - We can develop tooling with just an idea or a napkin doodle.

Aluminum - We can build tooling from cut or cast aluminum

Epoxy - We can build tooling from a variety of epoxy resins

Fiberglass - We can build tooling from Fiberglass

Urethane - We can build tooling and liners from a variety of urethanes

Matrix - We can build tooling using a combination of techniques to meet the individual product requirements.