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In 1989, Kneedspeed was founded to produce and market a ground breaking lateral training device. Working from a garage the founding partners began scouring the country for a suitable manufacturer to produce their product, after finding no company capable of this task, it became clear that Kneedspeed would have to manufacture their own product. After a short time, it was clear that the processes that had been developed to produce their own product were in need in the marketplace. At that time Kneedspeed struck a deal with Reebok to handle all of the marketing of their training device to focus its attention on the manufacturing and became a custom/production polyurethane house. From that time forward there has been a simple philosophy that has remained:

"Provide the customer what they need . . . when they need it . . . at the price quoted"

Our world is constantly changing, new technologies are emerging and environmental awareness has dramatically influenced our industry. Kneedspeed continues to evolve and lead the pack with new and innovative materials, techniques and processes that allow us to thrive in an ever-changing world. We accomplish this by working closely with our customers, suppliers and community to make sure that our products and processes not only maximize the available technology, but also minimize the impact on our environment.